West Virginia DMW Motor Carrier Services Consolidation Study

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In West Virginia, motor carrier taxation and regulation currently resides in several different state agencies, including the Division of Motor Vehicles, Public Service Commission, Division of Highways, State Tax Department and State Police. In March 2012 the West Virginia State Legislature, in consultation with the West Virginia DMV Commissioner’s office and other state agencies, adopted a statutory resolution (HB 4103) calling for the consolidation of these responsibilities under DMV jurisdiction. The DMV already administers a significant amount of these functions, and also has significant interaction with the relevant federal agencies charged with motor carrier regulation and taxation. The decision also notes the suitability of the DMV because of its role as the lead agency of the West Virginia Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) project and other interagency motor carrier-related projects. The agents conducting this study will examine the state agencies, divisions, and departments responsible for the delivery of government services and the enforcement of laws pertaining to the commercial vehicle or motor carrier industry, and provide a report detailing the best options available for consolidation as mandated by HB 4013. The investigation will examine best practices in other states, feature input from members of the West Virginia trucking industry and provide recommendations for implementing changes to the state’s current CVISN system architecture in order to move the state toward it’s goal of CVISN Core compliance. The legislation calls for the DMV to present a plan for consolidation to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance by December 1, 2012.
Effective start/end date7/31/121/31/13


  • Marshall University Research Co: $85,687.00


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