Wetbud Development

Grants and Contracts Details


The PI is the programmer of this package - work that has started a few years ago while the PI was at a different university. The PI, at a minimum, will be responsible for the following tasks: "Participate as instructor and technical advisor in 4 workshops (scheduled in the fall of 2016, spring of 2017 fall of 2017 and spring of 2018 respectively "Participate in the steering group meetings (usually at Virginia Tech) "Interface with grad students in the areas surface waters and hydrogeology at VT and ODU that will be the main users of this program for bug identification, feature expansion and other testing. Note that the main program and associated utilities (i.e. installer package) is over 200,000 lines of code. "Manage and answer questions at a User's Forum setup under Google groups "Update and maintain links to public weather stations and other data repositories "Participate in updating the manual where necessary "Complete the on-line help manual "Support multiple versions of the Windows Operating system and the Microsoft Office Suite as they involve through time. Deliverables An installable package for the Windows environment that will deploy the main program, the user's manual in pdf format and the on-line help system.
Effective start/end date10/1/169/30/19


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: $90,000.00


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