WHAS Crusade for Children Grant Application for the Kentucky Children's Hospital

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WHAS Crusade for Children Grant Application for the Kentucky Children''s Hospital Abstract The requests below will assist children with special needs under the age of 18. The requests are listed in priority from the department: 3 Hamilton Ventilators Brief Description: Requesting funding for 3 Hamilton Ventilators to replace the Revel Ventilators we currently use for pediatric transports. Amplitude integrated EEG Monitoring in Sick Neonates Brief Project Description: Amplitude integrated EEG (aEEG) is a useful bedside tool for cerebral function monitoring of neonates with encephalopathy, seizure, cerebral malformations, meningitis, metabolic disorders and other cerebral pathologies. It allows continuous cerebral monitoring aiding in early diagnosis of cerebral dysfunction and or seizure and can be utilized to monitor response to treatment such as therapeutic hypothermia or antiepileptic agents. The application and interpretation of this device can be done by NICU care providers and medical personnel. B Braun Pumps Brief Description: Requesting funding for 8 B-Braun Syringe pumps. Almost all of the newborn babies we transport require IV maintenance fluids or medication infusions. Because of their small size, their IV fluids must be maintained at specific flow rates that are much lower than the rates used for larger children and adults. These pumps can be set at extremely low flow rates that ensure the babies get the fluids and medication doses that are appropriate for their weight. Kentucky Children’s Hospital Dedicated Pediatric Exercise Testing Lab Brief Description: To develop a dedicated laboratory to conduct exercise tests for children with known or suspected heart disease within the confines of Kentucky Children’s Hospital Congenital Heart Clinic. ABG Measuring System for Cath Lab Brief Description: Obtain a blood gas measuring system for point of care measurement of blood gas samples for pediatric cardiac catheterization patients.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/22


  • WHAS Crusade for Children: $60,000.00


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