White Paper on the Impact of State Laws Regulating Pseudoephedrine and Methamphetamine Abuse

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The purpose ofthis contract between the National Association of State Controlled Substance Authorities (NASCSA) is to engage the services ofresearchers from the University of Kentucky College ofPharmacy Institute for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy (UK Project Team) to conduct a review of current state laws regulating pseudoephedrine and their impact on curbing methamphetamine abuse. This white paper will help summarize the relative impact ofvarying PSE laws so that public officials and legislators can make informed decisions relative to which laws may have the greatest impact on methamphetmine abuse. The UK Project Team shall perform the following activities to complete the white paper: 1) Conduct a review ofcurrent state and federal laws regulating pseudoephedrine 2) Prepare a summary ofsuccesses and failures relative to state pseudoephedrine laws 3) Conduct a review ofcurrent [mdings from the literature relative to pseudoephedrine laws 4) Identify suggestions ofareas for further studylresearch
Effective start/end date8/1/1111/30/11


  • National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities: $13,158.00


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