Wire Evaluation In Sweet Potato And IR-4 State Liason

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The principal investigator serves as the State Liaison to the IR-4 minor use pesticide program which involves collection and transmittal of state needs for minor use crops and aids in the establishment of research priorities for the program. The PI works with others disciplinary specialists within the College. Responsibility includes attending the IR-4 Food Use Workshop. A sweetpotato research trial is proposed in collaboration with the IR-4 project to look at control of wireworms attack sweetpotato roots. This was identified as one of the current 'pest problems without solution (PPWS)' by the IR-4 project. This research project will be completed during the 2017 growing season at the UK North Farm and an additional trial on the Morgan County Extension Farm.
Effective start/end date9/1/171/31/19


  • University of Florida: $15,500.00


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