Workload Intensity NIH Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) Grant

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For support of administrative duties by site Principal Investigators or their staff, a workload intensity model based on the numbers of patients accrued to therapeutic studies is used to reflect the amount of time and effort required by the site to optimally maintain their COG research portfolio. Administrative duties may include but are not limited to support for the PI to hire, train, and evaluate staff, oversee the preparation of protocols for IRB review, interact with the responsible discipline investigators to assure their support in implementing protocols, or to support personnel such as a lead CRA or other staff members to perform administrative tasks related to the COG program. Payment is made on an annual basis. Exact amounts are determined annually so are subject to change annually based on NIH funding and overall accruals. The Subject Accrual numbers reflect a site’s 3 year rolling average of enrollments to COG therapeutic studies (excluding studies solely funded by industry).
Effective start/end date5/4/192/28/25


  • Public Health Institute: $153,832.00


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