ZFCP CFDA: 93.658 - FY21 Breaking the Cycle

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Perform Multidimensional Assessment – Medicaid Primary Assessments 1. Provide a multidisciplinary assessment of Medicaid eligible children and families identified and referred by DCBS, which contains, at a minimum, the following: a) Child Demographics. b) Current Legal Findings. c) Listing of Significant Persons in Child’s Life. d) Family DCBS History/Domestic Violence History. e) Child Developmental Screening and Psychometric Information. f) Review of Child Medical/Mental Health and Educational History. g) Caregiver Mental Health History and Psychometric Screening. h) Results of Parent Interview and Observation of Caregiver/Child Interactions. i) Conclusions/Recommendations. 2. Provide a written comprehensive, readily available, easily readable report of the assessment within ninety (90) days of the date of the accepted and completed referral. If this due date is not possible because of the lack of acquisition of all requested records from DCBS or service providers, poor client attendance and completion of all procedures or court action that halts or impedes the completion of the assessment, CATS staff shall notify the Service Region Administrator or designee in writing, within ten (10) working days of the original due date, which factor(s) delayed the report, and what date the report can be expected. The assessment shall be an accurate, useful “snapshot” of the child’s and the family’s strengths and weaknesses within the following domains: a) Family/social. b) Emotional/behavioral. c) Attachment. d) Life history/traumatic events. e) Developmental/cognitive/academic. 3. Gather quantitative data using developmentally appropriate measures. 4. Identify the child’s and the family’s strengths and weaknesses within each domain and provide initial recommendations to address problem areas. 5. Perform assessment and treatment in direct collaboration with DCBS staff that have direct case responsibility. 6. Consult with DCBS staff on the initial implementation of the recommendations and assist DCBS staff in the development of the case plan. 7. Provide consultations to DCBS staff, as needed. 8. Submit on behalf of the DCBS, paper or electronic claims directly to the Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) for payment for completed assessments. The requested payments shall not exceed actual cost. 9. Assure and provide documentation that services are performed and billed at actual cost. 10. Assist DCBS staff in translating the assessment results to the case planning process. 11. Provide court testimony when requested. 12. Conduct home visits and collateral interviews.
Effective start/end date7/1/206/30/21


  • KY Department of Community Based Services


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