A Case Study in Revitalizing a State Library Association and Keeping It Vital during COVID

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The Kentucky Medical Library Association (KMLA) is an organization dedicated to building a networking community and providing resources to the health sciences and medical librarians of Kentucky. Medical and health science libraries within the state of Kentucky are encouraged to become annual members of KMLA. Organization membership exists on two levels: (1) individual and (2) institutional. Individual membership includes access to three KMLA business meetings a year, voting rights at business meetings, any conferences KMLA holds, an opportunity for continuing education (CE) reimbursement, and access to any CEs presented by KMLA. Institutional memberships are unique in that they provide interlibrary loan reciprocity among member institutions.

Over the previous four years, KMLA has experienced diminishing membership, a lack of interest from members in serving on the KMLA Executive Committee, insufficient documentation on association practices, and a centric involvement that surrounded Louisville institutions. Kentucky has endured several hospital closures and restructurings over the last five years. That change has also brought about several medical library closures; despite that, Kentucky health sciences and medical libraries have seen a recent growth in new health sciences and medical librarians. In turn, KMLA’s Executive Committee (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) has noticed a change in overall KMLA membership, attendance, and interest.

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JournalKentucky Libraries
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2021


  • health sciences librarianship
  • medical librarians
  • medical librarianship
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