A Cephalometric Analysis Assessing the Validity of Camper’s Plane to Establishing the Occlusal Plane in Edentulous Patients

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Complete denture fabrication requires multiple clinical and laboratory steps. One of the most critical clinical steps is establishing an anatomical occlusal plane based on hard and soft tissue references. The aim of this study was to determine whether age or gender affects the level of the Ala-Tragus plane to establish which reference point on the Tragus should be used when fabricating the occlusal plane in edentulous patients. Clinical photographs and lateral cephalometric radiographs with complete dentitions were taken from 58 volunteers at the DMD clinic at the University of Kentucky. Each photograph was superimposed over its corresponding cephalometric image. An analysis was conducted to establish the angle of the occlusal plane relative to the Ala-Tragus landmarks; this data was then grouped according to age and gender. The analysis shows that age and gender did not significantly affect where the Camper’s plane should be approximated for complete denture treatment. However, it was found that the most parallel line to the occlusal plane was Ala’s inferior border to the ‘Tragus’s inferior border. It should be noted that the volunteers’ skeletal classification was significantly related to a Cl III malocclusion tendency. Still, with this new information, functionality and esthetics can be more adequately addressed for patients undergoing complete denture treatment. Given our results, we suggest redefining the ‘Camper’s plane with a line extending from ‘Ala’s inferior border to the ‘Tragus’s inferior border instead of the superior border. Further consideration should be taken if the patient is a skeletal CL III malocclusion.

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StatePublished - Mar 2023

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  • Camper’s plane
  • cephalometric X-ray
  • edentulous
  • occlusal plane

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