A tensile deformation model for in-situ dendrite/metallic glass matrix composites

J. W. Qiao, T. Zhang, F. Q. Yang, P. K. Liaw, S. Pauly, B. S. Xu

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In-situ dendrite/metallic glass matrix composites (MGMCs) with a composition of Ti 46 Zr 20 V 12 Cu 5 Be 17 exhibit ultimate tensile strength of 1510â€...MPa and fracture strain of about 7.6%. A tensile deformation model is established, based on the five-stage classification: (1) elastic-elastic, (2) elastic-plastic, (3) plastic-plastic (yield platform), (4) plastic-plastic (work hardening), and (5) plastic-plastic (softening) stages, analogous to the tensile behavior of common carbon steels. The constitutive relations strongly elucidate the tensile deformation mechanism. In parallel, the simulation results by a finite-element method (FEM) are in good agreement with the experimental findings and theoretical calculations. The present study gives a mathematical model to clarify the work-hardening behavior of dendrites and softening of the amorphous matrix. Furthermore, the model can be employed to simulate the tensile behavior of in-situ dendrite/MGMCs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2816
JournalScientific Reports
StatePublished - 2013

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Funding Information:
J.W.Q. would like to acknowledge the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51101110 and No.51371122), the Youth Science Foundation of Shanxi Province, China (No.2012021018-1), Research Project supported by Shanxi Scholarship Council of China (No.2012-032), Technology Foundation for Selected Overseas Chinese Scholar, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, and the Program for the Outstanding Innovative Teams of Higher Learning Institutions of Shanxi (2013). P.K.L. appreciates the financial support from US National Science Foundation (DMR-0909037, CMMI-0900271, and CMMI-1100080).

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