Adipocyte deficiency of angiotensinogen prevents obesity-induced hypertension in male mice

Frederique Yiannikouris, Manisha Gupte, Kelly Putnam, Sean Thatcher, Richard Charnigo, Debra L. Rateri, Alan Daugherty, Lisa A. Cassis

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Previous studies demonstrated that diet-induced obesity increased plasma angiotensin II concentrations and elevated systolic blood pressures in male mice. Adipocytes express angiotensinogen and secrete angiotensin peptides. We hypothesize that adipocyte-derived angiotensin II mediates obesity-induced increases in systolic blood pressure in male high fat-fed C57BL/6 mice. Systolic blood pressure was measured by radiotelemetry during week 16 of low-fat or high-fat feeding in Agt and adipocyte angiotensinogen-deficient mice (Agt fl/fl). Adipocyte angiotensinogen deficiency had no effect on diet-induced obesity. Basal 24-hour systolic blood pressure was not different in low fat-fed Agtfl/fl compared with AgtaP2 mice (124±3 versus 128±3 mm Hg, respectively). In Agtfl/fl mice, high-fat feeding significantly increased systolic blood pressure (24 hours; 134±2 mm Hg; P<0.05). In contrast, high fat-fed Agt aP2 mice did not exhibit an increase in systolic blood pressure (126±2 mm Hg). Plasma angiotensin II concentrations were increased by high-fat feeding in Agtfl/fl mice (low fat, 32±14; high fat, 219±58 pg/mL; P<0.05). In contrast, high fat-fed AgtaP2 mice did not exhibit elevated plasma angiotensin II concentrations (high fat, 18±7 pg/mL). Similarly, adipose tissue concentrations of angiotensin II were significantly decreased in low fat-and high fat-fed AgtaP2 mice compared with controls. In conclusion, adipocyte angiotensinogen deficiency prevented high fat-induced elevations in plasma angiotensin II concentrations and systolic blood pressure. These results suggest that adipose tissue serves as a major source of angiotensin II in the development of obesity hypertension.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1524-1530
Number of pages7
Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 2012


  • adipose tissue
  • angiotensinogen
  • angiotensins
  • hypertension
  • obesity

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