Advanced analytics for surface extraction

Ali Moradi-Afrapoli, Hooman Askari-Nasab

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Nowadays, approximately 90% of the minerals are extracted using surface mining methods. Surface mining is the process of extracting minerals located at the surface or near the surface. Although at least nine different surface mining methods have been introduced, thus far, open-pit, and strip mining have the highest contribution in raw material extraction from Earth. However, deposits that are being mined using these two methods are substantially expensive, both in the capital and operational costs requiring several managerial decisions to be made for the sake of lowering proportions of the total costs. Analytics has had an inevitable role in this matter. It has been involved in the decision-making procedures from method selection to finding the best location for in-pit crushers in surface mines. This chapter elaborates on how analytics contributes to different steps of extracting material using surface mining methods.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdvanced Analytics in Mining Engineering
Subtitle of host publicationLeverage Advanced Analytics in Mining Industry to Make Better Business Decisions
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ISBN (Electronic)9783030915896
StatePublished - Feb 23 2022

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  • Decision-making
  • Equipment selection
  • In-pit crushing
  • Mine planning
  • Open-pit mine
  • Surface mining

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