An interview with Jeffrey Okeson

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It was with great joy that I accepted the invitation from the Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics to coordinate an interview with Dr. Jeffrey Okeson. I have known Dr. Okeson for over 14 years. All started when I had the fantastic opportunity to be one of his residents for 3 years, and ever since, he has been my mentor and my friend. Dr. Jeffrey Okeson, despite of being a very famous and tremendously talented professional, continues to be an extremely nice and simple person. Due to these and many other reasons, I call him “my American Father”!!! He is married for 48 years to Mrs. Barbara Okeson, and they have two sons and one granddaughter. Dr. Okeson has a twin brother who is also a dentist. He enjoys jogging and has continued to jog for over 40 years. He also enjoys traveling and meeting people. Dr. Okeson has more than 240 professional publications. One of his textbooks, Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion, is used in most of the United States dental schools and has been translated into eleven different foreign languages. Dr. Okeson has presented more than 1,200 invited lectures on the subject of TMD and orofacial pain in all 50 U.S. states and in 57 different countries. He has received multiple awards, including the first ever “Distinguished Alumni Award” from the College of Dentistry/University of Kentucky, and “The International Dentist of the Year Award” from the Academy of Dentistry International, which is the highest award recognized by this Academy. He has also been inducted into the University of Kentucky Hall of Distinguished Alumni and received the Governor’s Council on Postsecondary Education’s Acorn Award, given to top college professor in the State of Kentucky. Now is time to enjoy reading the interview!.

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