An RF-only ion-funnel for extraction from high-pressure gases

T. Brunner, D. Fudenberg, V. Varentsov, A. Sabourov, G. Gratta, J. Dilling, R. Devoe, D. Sinclair, W. Fairbank, J. B. Albert, D. J. Auty, P. S. Barbeau, D. Beck, C. Benitez-Medina, M. Breidenbach, G. F. Cao, C. Chambers, B. Cleveland, M. Coon, A. CraycraftT. Daniels, S. J. Daugherty, T. Didberidze, M. J. Dolinski, M. Dunford, L. Fabris, J. Farine, W. Feldmeier, P. Fierlinger, R. Gornea, K. Graham, M. Heffner, M. Hughes, M. Jewell, X. S. Jiang, T. N. Johnson, S. Johnston, A. Karelin, L. J. Kaufman, R. Killick, T. Koffas, S. Kravitz, R. Krücken, A. Kuchenkov, K. S. Kumar, D. S. Leonard, F. Leonard, C. Licciardi, Y. H. Lin, J. Ling, R. Maclellan, M. G. Marino, B. Mong, D. Moore, A. Odian, I. Ostrovskiy, C. Ouellet, A. Piepke, A. Pocar, F. Retiere, P. C. Rowson, M. P. Rozo, A. Schubert, E. Smith, V. Stekhanov, M. Tarka, T. Tolba, D. Tosi, K. Twelker, J. L. Vuilleumier, J. Walton, T. Walton, M. Weber, L. J. Wen, U. Wichoski, L. Yang, Y. R. Yen

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An RF ion-funnel technique has been developed to extract ions from a high-pressure (10 bar) noble-gas environment into a vacuum (10-6 mbar). Detailed simulations have been performed and a prototype has been developed for the purpose of extracting 136Ba ions from Xe gas with high efficiency. With this prototype, ions have been extracted for the first time from high-pressure xenon gas and argon gas. Systematic studies have been carried out and compared to simulations. This demonstration of extraction of ions, with mass comparable to that of the gas generating the high-pressure, has applications to Ba tagging from a Xe-gas time-projection chamber for double-beta decay, as well as to the general problem of recovering trace amounts of an ionized element in a heavy (m > 40 u) carrier gas.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)110-120
Number of pages11
JournalInternational Journal of Mass Spectrometry
StatePublished - Mar 15 2015

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  • Ba tagging
  • Gas dynamic and ion trajectory simulations
  • Gas jet Xe double-beta decay
  • Ion transport
  • RF-funnel

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  • Instrumentation
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry


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