Are "wii" Exercising Correctly? Understanding How Exergames Can Be Used to Increase Knowledge of Exercise Behavior

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Objective: Many studies have investigated how commercial exergames can be used to increase physical activity and energy expenditure, but relatively few have focused on understanding if these games can impact learning of exercise behavior. The objective of this research is to understand how features of mediated exercise technologies can impact learning of exercise behavior. Subjects and Methods: One hundred thirty college students (mean age, 20.56 years old) participated in a between-subjects experiment where they spent approximately 10 minutes exercising with either the "Biggest Loser" exergame (for the Nintendo® [Redmond, WA] Wii™ console) or the Biggest Loser Workout Vol. 2 DVD. Then, participants filled out a questionnaire with items pertaining to interactivity, trainer liking, self-efficacy, and learning. Results: Analysis of covariance tests and meditational analyses were used to answer the questions of interest. Results indicated that participants who interacted with an exergame experienced greater interactivity and learning from playing the game than working out with the nearly identical exercise DVD. Furthermore, the relationship between playing an exergame and learning was mediated by interactivity. Conclusions: This study suggests that exergames may be more beneficial than similar mediated exercise companions in encouraging learning about exercise. Theoretical and practical implications as well as limitations and future research considerations are discussed.

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