Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response

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Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response was an exhibition that marked the centennial anniversary of the lynching of Ell Persons in Memphis, Tennessee. To rec-ognize that history and confront racism and violence, co-curators and participants en-acted the roles of artists, researchers, and teachers collaboratively creating a work of socially engaged art. As a case study, this paper historically documents the exhibition and engages in critical theory to understand its effects on developing consciousness of those involved. By analyzing the exhibition design, collaborative artwork, and participant responses, three key findings emerge: education is foundational to developing conscious-ness; collaboration can raise and complicate developing consciousness; and developing consciousness encourages sharing.

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JournalVisual Arts Research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Dec 1 2020

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  • Memphis
  • Socially engaged art
  • collaboration
  • consciousness
  • race

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