Black people’s constructions of good sex: Describing good sex from the margins

Candice N. Hargons, Shemeka Thorpe, Natalie Malone, Courtney J. Wright, Jardin N. Dogan, Destin L. Mizell, Jennifer L. Stuck, Queen Ayanna Sullivan, Anyoliny Sanchez, Carrie Bohmer, Michelle Stage, Kearstin Bruther, Kasey Vigil, Marla R. Cineas, Tracie Q. Gilbert

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Existing conceptualizations and measures of good sex are varied and inconclusive. Additionally, few studies have defined good sex from the margins, thus definitions are primarily informed from privileged perspectives. People with marginalized racial, gender, and sexual identities can offer culturally informed definitions of good sex that may expand current definitions. This study fills that gap by identifying factors that constitute good sex among Black people with diverse sexual and gender identities. Data were collected from 448 Black individuals who participated in an online Qualtrics survey with demographic, open-ended, and scaled questions. Results indicate a range of descriptors that align with existing sexual wellness literature and include the top 20 words to describe good sex as well as the top 10 words for demographics of interest. Differences in most frequent descriptors based on gender and sexual identities are reported. These results provide a foundation for sexual health practitioners, educators, and therapists to improve societal knowledge about what constitutes good sex among Black people.

Original languageEnglish
StateAccepted/In press - 2022

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  • Black/African American
  • good sex
  • participatory action research
  • sex-positive

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  • Gender Studies
  • Anthropology


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