Carpe Data with Alma Analytics

Mary Ellen Willemsen, Julene L. Jones

Research output: Other contribution

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Capturing your data is vital to the smooth functioning of any library. We will be providing some tips and tricks to help you gather and analyze your data using Alma Analytics. After the presentation you will know how to gather data within a date period (i.e., all items that circulated in the last 30 days or between a date period), filter your data, count data, subtract one set of numbers from another, and import your results into a set in Alma to further analyze or manipulate your data. We will also include any formulas that we have found to be useful and not necessarily in the Ex Libris documentation.

The presentation will be geared to advanced beginner Analytics users. We will be assuming that those who attend the presentation will know how to search the Analytics shared folders for analyses and start a new Analysis.

Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Apr 26 2019


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