Cassaine: Mechanism of inhibition of Na++K+-ATPase and relationship of this inhibition to cardiotonic actions

Thomas Tobin, Tai Akera, Steven L. Brody, David Ku, Theodore M. Brody

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The erythrophleum alkaloid cassaine shares many of the pharmacological actions of the cardiac glycosides but lacks the structural characteristics typical of cardiac glycosides. To further investigate the relationship between Na++K+-ATPase inhibition and the cardiotonic actions of these drugs we investigated the interaction of cassaine with the Na++K+-ATPase. Cassaine inhibited rat brain Na++K+-ATPase with about one quarter of the apparent affinity of ouabain for this enzyme. This inhibition was non-competitive with respect to K+. Cassaine also inhibited this enzyme in the presence of Mg2+ and this inhibition was enhanced by Pi and antagonized by Na+. In the presence of Na+, Mg2+ and (γ-32P)-ATP cassaine acted to stabilize the phosphorylated intermediate of Na++K+-ATPase. Cassaine also acted to displace specifically bound (3H)-ouabain from this enzyme. These observations suggested that cassaine inhibited the Na++K+-ATPase by interacting at the cardiotonic steroid binding sites of Na++K+-ATPase. Consistent with this hypothesis, dog, guinea pig and rat heart Na++K+-ATPase showed differing sensitivities to cassaine paralleling their differing sensitivities to ouabain. The principal difference between the interaction of cassaine and ouabain with Na++K+-ATPase appeared to be the more rapid dissociation of cassaine from the cardiotonic steroid binding site(s) of Na++K+-ATPase. In keeping with this the rates of offset of cassaine-induced inotropy in Langendorff perfused dog and guinea pig hearts were several times faster than those of ouabain-induced inotropy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)133-145
Number of pages13
JournalEuropean Journal of Pharmacology
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1975


  • (H)-Ouabain
  • Cardiac tissue
  • Cassaine
  • Inotropy
  • Na+K-ATPase
  • Phosphorylated intermediate

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