Patricia Ehrkamp, Malene H. Jacobsen

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This chapter examines the debates surrounding citizenship, focusing the discussion on rights and political community as they are unevenly spread and enacted across space. It emphasizes the importance of finding new vocabularies to understand practices of citizenship and political subjectivity. The chapter begins with an outline of conceptions of citizenship, highlighting the contributions that political geographers have made to this body of scholarship by emphasizing uneven spatialities of citizenship and by considering space itself as political. The chapter then turns to struggles over citizenship rights, the spaces of citizenship, and membership in a political community, before weighing up the question of whether democratic citizenship is in crisis. It concludes by pointing to new avenues for political geographers to conceptualize contemporary transformations of citizenship and to recognize and theorize new frontiers of the political.

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Title of host publicationThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography
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StatePublished - Aug 14 2015

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  • Citizenship rights
  • Difference
  • Immigration
  • Moral community
  • Ordinary people
  • Political community
  • Space
  • The political

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