Cityscapes and perceptual dialectology: Global perspectives on non-linguists' knowledge of the dialect landscape

Jennifer Cramer, Chris Montgomery

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This edited collection presents papers relating to the state of the art in Perceptual Dialectology research. The authors take an international view of the field of Perceptual Dialectology, broadly defined, to assess the similarities and contrasts in non-linguists' perceptions of the dialect landscape. The volume is global in focus, and chapters discuss data gathered in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, and South Korea. The common methods used by many of the contributors means that readers will be able to draw comparisons from the breadth of the volume. The primary focus of this volume is geared toward an examination of dialect perceptions in and of cities, with an additional goal of presenting empirical, theoretical, and methodological advancements in Perceptual Dialectology. Authors' contributions to the collection examine how the urban setting influences perceptions of linguistic variation and, in the course of examining the connections between place and perceptions, explore several interrelated themes of linguistic variation, including the differences in the perception of rural and urban areas, processes of perception and language change, and the relationship between perception and 'reality'.

Original languageEnglish
Publisherde Gruyter
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StatePublished - Feb 22 2016

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