Clipping and Gibberellin Treatments Promote Germination in Dormant Grape Seeds

Bridget Bolt, Anna Baloh, Roberta Magnani, Marta Nosarzewski, Carlos Rodriguez Lopez, Robert Geneve

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‘Crimson Cabernet’ grape (Vitis vinifera) seeds showed physiological dormancy and germinated at ~60% after 60 days of chilling stratification. Fresh seeds harvested after physiological maturity and sown without drying failed to germinate after 30 days when sown on agar. In agar-sown fresh seeds cut at the distal seed end or intact seeds treated with gibberellic acid (GA), the seeds germinated at ~20% after 30 days. The highest germination percentages after 30 days were 63% to 83% in fresh, agar-sown seeds that were cut and treated with GA at 5000 mgL–1 regardless of stratification time. Similar results were seen in seeds allowed to dry before sowing. Seeds cut and treated with GA at 5000 mgL–1 germinated at 79% after 30 days. However, dry seeds sown on germination paper showed lower germination after cutting and GA treatment compared with agar-sown seeds. The highest germination percentages after 30 days in dry, cut seeds on germination paper treated with GA at 2000 and 5000 mgL–1 were 33% and 55%, respectively, compared with agar-sown seeds, which germinated at 76% and 79%, with the same treatments. Results from this study provide a system that reduces the need for chilling stratification for grape seed germination by using partial seedcoat removal and GA treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)157-160
Number of pages4
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StatePublished - Apr 2023

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This project was supported by the United States Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Hatch Project, nos. KY011042 (R.G.) and KY 1020852 (C.R.L.). Financial support was also provided by University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture Food and the Environment Undergraduate Research Activity Award (B.B.) and by the NIFA Agriculture and Food Initiative Competitive Grant Program (accession no. 1018617). R.G. is the corresponding author. E-mail: rgeneve@

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  • Vitis
  • dormancy
  • gibberellic acid
  • physiological dormancy
  • stratification

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