Coal char-fueled chemical looping combustion use different ironbased oxygen carriers

Liangyong Chen, Fang Liu, Nikolic Heather S, Zhen Fan, Kunlei Liu

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Solid-fueled chemical looping combustion (SF-CLC) is an advanced process for highly efficient coal combustion with in-situ CO2 capture. The key issue in the development of SF-CLC is the ability of the oxygen carrier (OC) material to improve the gasification rate and combustion efficiency. In this study five iron-based materials were investigated as OCs using a bench-scale fluidized bed reactor. These materials were ilmenite ore (N-FeOC-1), an industrial by- product based iron OC (N-FeOC-2), 50% Fe2O3 supported on Al2O3(S-FeOC-1), 50% Fe2O3 supported on 48% Al2O3 and 2% Na2O (S-FeOC-2), and the third OC with 2% Na2O being coated on the particle surface (S-FeOC-3). Char prepared from Eastern and Western Kentucky Coal (USA) and 50 vol% water vapour were used as the fuel and the gasification/fluidizing agent, respectively. The rate of char conversion and in-situ syngas conversion in SF-CLC were the primary focus of this study and an attempt at improvement was made by adding a small amount alkaline metal using various methods. It was found that N-FeOC-2 and S-FeOC-3 showed excellent performance. Additionally, the method of adding the alkaline metal (Na+) to SF-CLC system showed an important effect on the gasification rate and in-situ syngas conversion.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73-79
Number of pages7
JournalEnergy Procedia
StatePublished - 2014
Event12th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT 2014 - Austin, United States
Duration: Oct 5 2014Oct 9 2014

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This research was supported by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Department for Energy Development and Independence Grant Program and Energy Research, the Carbon Management Research Group consortium at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy (UKy-CAER), including American Electric Power, Duke Energy, Electric Power Research Institute, L&GE and KU Service Company, and the Kentucky Department of Energy Development and Independence.

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  • CO capture
  • Chemical looping combusiton
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Fuel conversion
  • Oxygen carrier

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