Comparison of the structure and expression of the human and rat neprilysin (endopeptidase 24.11)-encoding genes

Chingwen Li, Guojin Chen, Norma P. Gerard, Craig Gerard, Carmen R. Bozic, Louis B. Hersh

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The existence of a third non-coding exon in the human neprilysin-encoding gene (h-NEP), positionally located as exon 3, has been demonstrated by reverse transcription of RNA from human kidney and lung, coupled with the polymerase chain reaction. Comparison of nucleotide sequences between h-NEP and the rat NEP (r-NEP) genes shows a high degree of sequence conservation within noncoding exons 1 and 2. In contrast, the region of the gene containing exon 3 is highly divergent. Two transcripts derived from exon 2 by alternative splicing, type-2a and type-2b, were demonstrated in human kidney and lung. In contrast, only the type-2b transcript was present in these same tissues in the rat. The type-1 transcript was detected in human kidney, lung and brain, this transcript appearing to be the major species in brain.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)363-366
Number of pages4
Issue number2
StatePublished - Oct 27 1995

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This researchw ass upporteidn part by grantD A02243 from the NationalI nstituteo n Drug Abuse and a grant from the Tobaccoa nd Health ResearchIn stituteo f the Universityo f KentuckyW. e thank Mr. Jim Smith for his excellentte chnicaal ssistance.


  • Noncoding exon
  • alternative splicing
  • multiple mRNA
  • tissue-specific expression

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