Consensus for tobacco policy among former state legislators using the policy Delphi method

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Objective - To test a novel approach for building consensus about tobacco control policies among legislators. Design - A pilot study was conducted using a two-round, face-to-face policy Delphi method. Participants - Randomly selected sample of 30 former Kentucky legislators (60% participation rate). Main outcome measure - Consensus on tobacco control and tobacco farming policies. Results - Former state legislators were more supportive of tobacco control policies than expected, and highly supportive of lessening the state's dependence on tobacco. Former state legislators were in agreement with 43% of the second-round items for which there was no agreement at the first round, demonstrating a striking increase in consensus. With new information from their colleagues, former lawmakers became more supportive of workplace smoking restrictions, limitations on tobacco promotional items, and modest excise tax increases. Conclusions - The policy Delphi method has the potential for building consensus for tobacco control and tobacco farming policies among state legislators. Tobacco control advocates in other states might consider using the policy Delphi method with policymakers in public and private sectors.

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  • Policy delphi method
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  • Tobacco farming

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