Corrosion resistant coatings and paints

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This chapter focuses on issues related to protective coatings and paints used for structural metals and alloys used in high volume applications. Coatings and paints can be applied to large surface areas and are protective, even though they are relatively thin. Paints provide corrosion protection of metallic substrates by stopping one or more of the electrochemical or transport processes involved in substrate corrosion. The chapter describes various methods for corrosion protection, such as barrier protection, anodic protection and active corrosion protection, cathodic protection, zinc-rich paints (ZRPs), and adhesion. It discusses engineering alloys and their need for corrosion resistant coatings. Characteristics and uses of corrosion resistant paint and coatings are also discussed. The chapter deals with factors affecting coating degradation, such as light, temperature, mechanical action, chemicals, and weathering. It describes various key applications of protective coatings and paints, including marine service, automotive service, architectural service, aircraft, and buried pipelines.

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