Coupling to multihadron states with chiral fermions

Jacob Fallica, Keh Fei Liu, Jian Liang, Gen Wang, Yi Bo Yang

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Chiral symmerty is presumed to be a crucial component in the strong interaction and QCD, but its role in spectroscopy, especially for baryons, has not been fully explored. Compounding this, chiral fermions are uncommon in lattice calculations due to their expensive nature. We calculate ηπ, Kπ and Nπ states with qq¯ and qqq interpolation fields at a = 0.114fm on a 483 ×96 mixed-action lattice at the physical pion mass, with domain-wall sea quarks and overlap valence quarks. We study the spectral weights of these states as a function of the valence pion mass, which ranges from mπ = 115−665MeV, to be compared with the results from non-chiral clover valence quarks on the same domain-wall lattice in order to examine their non-chiral effects, which are expected to decrease with the lattice spacing.

Original languageEnglish
Article number080
JournalProceedings of Science
StatePublished - 2018
Event36th Annual International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, LATTICE 2018 - East Lansing, United States
Duration: Jul 22 2018Jul 28 2018

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