Creative social entrepreneuring as a vehicle for creative emancipation

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the praxis of creative social entrepreneuring as a vehicle for creative emancipation. The main research question asks how the knowledge and practice of entrepreneuring intersects with creative practice, process, and production in the development of a creative social enterprise. This study contributes to entrepreneurship and creative industries literature highlighting the actions of entrepreneurship in connection with concepts of emancipation and empowerment. Additionally, this paper contributes knowledge about the impact of entrepreneurial activities within the context of the creative economy. The study takes a deep-context autoethnographic approach towards the praxis of entrepreneuring by a creative social entrepreneur. Research using an autoethnographic approach of an individual creative social entrepreneur contributes to creative and cultural entrepreneurship research by illuminating the unique challenges and opportunities they face as they navigate entrepreneurship dynamics within the creative economy and uncover the factors that contribute to social innovation. This study aims to illuminate the practices of entrepreneuring that create sustainable opportunities for creative emancipation. This paper addresses calls for contextually embedded studies on entrepreneurship in the creative economy. Ultimately, this paper serves as a catalyst for transdisciplinary studies in the areas of entrepreneurship and the creative economy.

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JournalCreative Industries Journal
StateAccepted/In press - 2024

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  • autoethnography
  • creative economy
  • Creative social entrepreneuring
  • emancipation
  • empowerment

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