D3-brane potentials from fluxes in AdS/CFT

Daniel Baumann, Anatoly Dymarsky, Shamit Kachru, Igor R. Klebanov, Liam Mcallister

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We give a comprehensive treatment of the scalar potential for a D3-brane in a warped conifold region of a compactification with stabilized moduli. By studying general ultraviolet perturbations in supergravity, we systematically incorporate 'compactification effects' sourced by supersymmetry breaking in the compact space. Significant contributions to the D3-brane potential, including the leading term in the infrared, arise from imaginary anti-self-dual (IASD) fluxes. For an arbitrary Calabi-Yau cone, we determine the most general IASD fluxes in terms of scalar harmonics, then compute the resulting D3-brane potential. Specializing to the conifold, we identify the operator dual to each mode of flux, and for chiral operators we confirm that the potential computed in the gauge theory matches the gravity result. The effects of four-dimensional curvature, including the leading D3-brane mass term, arise directly from the ten-dimensional equations of motion. Furthermore, we show that gaugino condensation on D7-branes provides a local source for IASD flux. This flux automatically and precisely encodes the nonperturbative contributions to the D3-brane potential, yielding a promising ten-dimensional representation of four-dimensional nonperturbative effects. Our result encompasses all significant contributions to the D3-brane potential discussed in the literature, and does so in the single coherent framework of ten-dimensional supergravity. Moreover, we identify new terms with irrational scaling dimensions that were inaccessible in prior works. By decoupling gravity in a noncompact configuration, then systematically reincorporating compactification effects as ultraviolet perturbations, we have provided an approach in which Planck-suppressed contributions to the D3-brane effective action can be computed. This is the companion paper to [1].

Original languageEnglish
Article number72
JournalJournal of High Energy Physics
Issue number6
StatePublished - 2010


  • AdS-CFT correspondence
  • Cosmology of theories beyond the SM
  • Flux compactifications

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