Dc electrical current generated by upstream neutral modes

Ankur Das, Sumathi Rao, Yuval Gefen, Ganpathy Murthy

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Quantum Hall phases are gapped in the bulk but support chiral edge modes, both charged and neutral. Here, we consider a circuit where the path from the source of electric current to the drain necessarily passes through a segment consisting solely of neutral modes. We find that upon biasing the source, a dc electric current is detected at the drain, provided there is backscattering between counterpropagating modes under the contacts placed in certain locations. Thus, neutral modes carry information that can be used to nonlocally reconstruct a dc charge current. Our protocol can be used to detect any neutral mode that counterpropagates with respect to all charge modes. Our protocol applies not only to the edge modes of a quantum Hall system, but also to systems that have neutral modes of nonquantum Hall origin. We conclude with a possible experimental realization of this phenomenon.

Original languageEnglish
Article number165154
JournalPhysical Review B
Issue number16
StatePublished - Apr 15 2022

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We thank A. Mirlin, I. Gornyi, D. Polyakov, and K. Snizhko for their extremely valuable comments and proposed modifications which significantly improved our manuscript. A.D. was supported by the German-Israeli Foundation Grant No. I-1505-303.10/2019 and the GIF. A.D. also thanks Israel planning and budgeting committee (PBC) and Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Dean of Faculty fellowship, and Koshland Foundation for financial support. Y.G. was supported by CRC 183 of the DFG, the Minerva Foundation, DFG Grant No. MI 658/10-1, and the GIF. S.R. and G.M. would like to thank the VAJRA scheme of SERB, India for its support. G.M. would like to thank the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation for its support via Grant No. 2016130, and the Aspen Center for Physics (NSF Grant No. PHY-1607611) where this work was completed.

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