Decentralized position and attitude based formation control for satellite systems with electromagnetic actuation

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Electromagnetic formation flight (EMFF) is an actuation technique that uses electromagnetic fields to control the configuration of a group of satellites. Each satellite uses a set of electromagnetic coils to generate an electromagnetic field, which is used to produce controllable interaction forces and moments. EMFF is a challenging control problem because the formation dynamics are nonlinear and highly coupled. Frequency multiplexing is an EMFF control approach that uses multifrequency sinusoidal controls to approximately decouple the formation dynamics, thus accommodating a decentralized control strategy. Frequency multiplexing EMFF techniques have been developed for controlling the relative position of satellites. In this paper, we use frequency multiplexing to develop a new decentralized EMFF strategy for controlling both relative position and relative orientation. Numerical examples are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the control strategy.

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