Delivery of high quality uncompressed video over ATM to windows NT desktop

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The emergence of high bandwidth applications such as medical visualization and virtual reality has exposed significant deficiencies in network, protocol, and end-system design. In this paper we discuss important end-system issues which arise when supporting applications demanding networked delivery and manipulation of uncompressed video to the desktop. Our experimental network environment consists of DEC Alpha workstations using the Windows NT 4.0 operating system and connected via an ATM switch. We present the design and initial results of a network architecture that demonstrates the creation, manipulation, and distribution of high-quality uncompressed video using standard industry-based technologies. In addition, we discuss networking performance results and present a simple Windows Sockets 2.0 cost model for TCP/IP and UDP/IP over ATM. An early potential market where this work is expected to have a direct impact is video editing in motion picture and television studios. In this context, we hope to provide cost-effective networked solutions aimed at replacing costly dedicated video editing hardware with the versatile capabilities of general purpose workstations and non-proprietary network solutions.

Original languageEnglish
StatePublished - 1997
Event1st USENIX Windows NT Workshop - Seattle, United States
Duration: Aug 11 1997Aug 13 1997


Conference1st USENIX Windows NT Workshop
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