Designing a process migration facility: The Charlotte experience

Yeshayahu Artsy, Raphael Finkel

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Experience with process migration in the Charlotte distributed operating system is discussed. Charlotte's migration facility is a fairly elaborate addition to the underlying kernel and utility-process base. It separates policy (when to migrate which process to what destination) from mechanism (how to detach, transfer, and reattach the migrant process). An overview is given of Charlotte, its process migration facility, and issues encountered that have general application for any such facility. In the discussion of each issue, alternative design approaches adopted by other process migration facilities are presented. This account is intended to help researchers contemplating the addition of a process migration facility as well as those designing other operating system facilities that might need to interact later with added process migration facilities.

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StatePublished - 1989

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Charlotte’s process migration design was inspired by discussions with Amnon Barak of the Hebreu University of Jerusalem in 1984. The authors are indebted to Cui-Qing Yang for modifying Charlotte utilities to support process migration, and to Hung-Yang Chang for many fruitful discussions about the design. Andrew Black and Marvin Theimer provided helpful comments on an early draft. and the referees suggested many stylistic improvements. The Charlotte project was supported by NSF grant MCS-8105904 and DAKPA contracts N00014- 82-C-2087 and N00014-85-K-0788.

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