Designing, Modeling, and Laboratory Testing of a Non-clogging Impingement Type Filter for Mining Dust Scrubbers

Ashish Ranjan Kumar, Steven Schafrik, Oscar Velasquez

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Flooded-bed dust scrubbers installed on continuous miners use fibrous type multi-layered filters to capture dust from the airstream. Prolonged operations of the scrubber could lead to filter clogging due to dust accumulation. This results in reduced flow through the scrubber and elevated dust levels in the mine environment. This paper compares the performance of a conventional fibrous screen filter and a novel impingement type dust filter. The impingement filter is a self-cleaning system and was designed to have a resistance similar to the fibrous filter. The cleaning efficiencies for these filters were computed using iso-kinetic sampling and optical counting of coal dust particles in a clean unclogged state. The cleaning efficiency of the impingement filter also increased with an increase in particle size and was comparable with the conventional fibrous filter. The cleaning efficiency of the fibrous filter improved significantly with an increase in water flow. The non-clogging nature of the impingement filter and minimal maintenance requirement makes it an attractive alternative to the conventional fibrous type filter in mining applications. The research also proposes a term called ‘filter performance factor’ to compare the performance of different filters under similar operating conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1911-1918
Number of pages8
JournalMining, Metallurgy and Exploration
Issue number6
StatePublished - Dec 2020

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  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Dust filter
  • Impingement filter
  • Iso-kinetic sampling
  • Optical particle counting

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