Development and evaluation of an introduction to pharmacy seminar for faculty, staff, and graduate students

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Objective: To develop, implement, and evaluate a pilot "Pharmacy 101" seminar designed to provide faculty, staff, and graduate students with an overview and orientation to the pharmacy profession and academic pharmacy. Design: Objectives and specific topics for inclusion for the seminar were developed and refined based on input from the Office of the Dean as well as Chairs of both College Departments. Assessment: The seminar has been offered on three separate occasions. The first two offerings were open to the entire college community, whereas the third session was delivered as part of the college of pharmacy's new graduate student orientation. At the initial offering, participants voluntarily completed an initial evaluation and a postseminar evaluation 60 days later. For the second and third sessions, all participants were asked to complete an initial evaluation and a 15-item pre and post multiple-choice test instrument. Fourteen individuals completed the initial seminar offering, seven the second, and 15 participants took part in the graduate student section. Responses to initial evaluations from all three cohorts were positive and constructive. The pre and post test instruments used in the second and third cohorts demonstrated consistent learning. Conclusion: This seminar appeared to meet its objectives. Similar seminars can be developed to improve faculty, staff, and graduate student productivity and job satisfaction. Future considerations include expansion into a required component of orientation and as a requirement for teaching assistant training.

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JournalCurrents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
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