Direct detection of 5 MeV protons by flexible thin-film devices based on organic semiconductors

I. Fratelli, A. Ciavatti, E. Zanazzi, L. Basiricò, M. Chiari, L. Fabbri, J. E. Anthony, A. Quaranta, B. Fraboni

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The direct detection of 5 MeV protons by flexible organic thin film devices is here reported for the first time. Mechanical flexibility, portability, low cost of fabrication and human tissue equivalence are important properties which make this technology an excellent candidate for the development of wearable proton dosimeters to be employed in several areas such as in the medical field (i.e., during proton therapy treatments). Moreover, by exploiting the coupling between the organic semiconductor and the plastic substrate, this class of detectors offers the unique possibility of operating them both in real-time mode and in integration mode by recording two different information items regarding the irradiation condition of the sensing system.

Original languageEnglish
Article number195
JournalNuovo Cimento della Societa Italiana di Fisica C
Issue number6
StatePublished - Nov 2022

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IF, AC, EZ, LB, LF, AQ, and BF acknowledge funding from INFN through the CSN5 FIRE project. JEA was supported by the U.S. NSF (No. 1849213).

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