Education for Technological Threats to Democracy

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Abstract This paper examines Larry A. Hickman's warnings about the dangers of algorithmic technologies for democracy and then considers educational policy initiatives that are important for combatting such threats over the long term. John Dewey's philosophy is considered both in Hickman's work and in this paper's review of what Dewey called the "Supreme Intellectual Obligation."Dewey's insights highlight crucial tasks necessary and called for with respect to education to value and appreciate the sciences and what they can do to serve humanity. At the same time, a significant cultural effort is needed to ensure that schools are empowered to do this vital work and that the public is informed and enabled to demand the leadership and initiatives that democracy needs to safeguard against threats to it.

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JournalContemporary Pragmatism
Issue number14
StatePublished - 2023

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  • Algorithms
  • Democracy
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  • Hickman
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