Effect of Diets, Familial History, and Alternative Therapies on Genomic Instability of Breast Cancer Patients

Márcia Fernanda Correia Jardim Paz, Antônio Luiz Gomes Júnior, Marcus Vinícius Oliveira Barros de Alencar, Shams Tabrez, Muhammad Torequl Islam, Nasimudeen R. Jabir, Mohammad Oves, Mohammad Zubair Alam, Muhammad Nadeem Asghar, Eunüs S. Ali, Keylla da Conceição Machado, Kátia da Conceição Machado, Felipe Cavalcanti Carneiro da Silva, André Luiz Pinho Sobral, João Marcelo de Castro e Sousa, Germano Pinho de Moraes, Siddhartha Kumar Mishra, Juliana da Silva, Ana Amélia de Carvalho Melo-Cavalcante

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This study evaluates a correlation between family history, micronutrients intake, and alternative therapies with genetic instability, before and during breast cancer treatment. For this study, a total of 150 women were selected. Among those, 50 women were breast cancer patients on chemotherapy, while 50 breast cancer patients were on radiotherapy, and 50 were healthy females. All the participants signed the informed consent form and answered the public health questionnaire. Samples of buccal epithelial and peripheral blood cells were collected and analyzed through micronucleus and comet assays. The cells were evaluated for apoptosis and DNA damage. Results showed the association of patients’ family history with an increase in toxicogenetic damage before and during cancer therapy. On the other hand, patients with late-onset cancer also presented genetic instability before and during therapy, along with those who did not take sufficient vegetables and alternative therapies. A positive correlation was observed between the genetic instability and alternative therapies, while inverse correlation was recorded with the vegetable consumption. Results clearly explain that the nutritional aspects and alternative therapies influence the genetic instability before and during cancer therapies especially in radiotherapy treated patients. Our data could be used for the monitoring therapies and management of breast cancer patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)282-296
Number of pages15
JournalApplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Issue number1
StatePublished - May 15 2019

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