Electrochemical characterization of silver nanorod electrodes prepared by oblique angle deposition

X. J. Tang, G. Zhang, Y. P. Zhao

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Ag nanorod electrodes with different nanorod lengths are fabricated by a simple vacuum deposition technique, oblique angle deposition (OAD). The as-grown Ag nanorods are aligned on the substrate and have a diameter of ∼60-70 nm, a density of ∼200-300 × 107 cm-2, and a tilting angle of ∼70°-80° with respect to the surface normal. The electrochemical behaviours of the Ag nanorod electrode are characterized by cyclic voltammetry at various scan rates with comparison to an Ag thin-film electrode. The capacitive current is found to be proportional to the actual surface area, and the faradic redox current also increases monotonically with the surface area of the nanorod electrodes, but the increase is not as significant as that of the capacitive current due to the diffusion layer overlapping for the highly compacted nanorods. This indicates that the Ag nanorod electrode could improve the electrolytic sensor for amperometric response measurements, especially for the bimolecular measurements due to the biocompatibility of Ag. The high capacitance also suggests a promising usage of the developed nanostructures for battery and energy storage applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number026
Pages (from-to)4439-4444
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Issue number17
StatePublished - Aug 1 2006

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