Entrepreneurship Skill Building: Focusing Entrepreneurship Education on Skills Assessment and Development

Thomas S. Lyons, John S. Lyons, Julie A. Samson

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This book explores the sea change in thinking about how to educate students of entrepreneurship, uses extant theory to develop a conceptual model of entrepreneurship skill development, describes an assessment tool for operationalizing this model, discusses how this tool can be utilized to develop entrepreneurship skills, and offers examples from the application of our approach in educational settings. It concludes with implications of this methodology for furthering both entrepreneurship education and the research that shapes it. The authors present an entrepreneurship skills assessment tool, which uses a theory of measurement that breaks from psychometrics (predictive approaches) and honors the volatility and uncertainty that characterizes entrepreneurship. This assessment tool can be used to integrate curriculum and co-curricular activities to ensure skill development. Focusing on a methodology for the measurement and development of entrepreneurship skills, this book will serve as a valuable resource to researchers and students alike.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages181
ISBN (Electronic)9783030779207
StatePublished - Jul 21 2021

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  • Coaching
  • Communimetrics
  • Skills development
  • Skills-based entrepreneurship
  • Traits theory

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