Estimation of multivariate treatment effects in contaminated clinical trials

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The paper addresses estimating and testing treatment effects with multivariate outcomes in clinical trials where imperfect diagnostic devices are used to assign subjects to treatment groups. The paper focuses on the pre-post design and proposes two novel methods for estimating and testing treatment effects. In addition, methods for sample size and power calculations are developed. The methods are compared with each other and with a traditional method in a simulation study. The new methods show significant advantages in terms of power, coverage probability, and required sample size. The application of the methods is illustrated with data from electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings of alcoholic and control subjects.

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JournalPharmaceutical Statistics
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 1 2022

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The authors are thankful to the associate editor and the anonymous reviewers for the valuable comments that helped to improve the manuscript substantially. The authors are also thankful to the editor for the orderly handling of this submission. The research of Zi Ye was partially done while she was pursuing her PhD at the University of Kentucky. She would like to express her gratitude to the Dr. Bing Zhang Department of Statistics.

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  • EM algorithm
  • F-approximation
  • finite mixture
  • method of moments
  • sample size determination

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