European LGBT elders

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The focus of this chapter is on understanding relevant factors that may contribute to the unique experiences and challenges faced by LGBT elders of European descent. While it is often assumed that all white LGBT elders are part of a homogeneous group, the diverse cultures that can be found across the fifty countries that comprise Europe suggest that such an assumption would be misguided. In addition to the misconceptions that may result from researchers and helping professionals viewing European elders of LGBT descent as a monolithic group, is the fact that the heritage of many LGBT elders of European descent may encompass more than one country, and thus include influences from more than a single culture. This chapter considers the ways human service professionals can improve their capacity to meet the needs of all LGBT elders by considering the myriad factors that make individuals unique.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2016

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  • Cultural competence
  • Ethnic ambiguity
  • European descent
  • Families of choice
  • Intersectionality

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