Evidence for highly processed material ejected from Abell 30

C. Hazard, R. Terlevich, D. C. Morton, W. L.W. Sargent, G. Ferland

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The discovery of compact knots of highly processed material apparently ejected from the central star of the emission nebula Abell 30 is reported here1,2. This emission nebula possesses other unusual features. The extended emission region, ∼2 arc min in diameter has a very low surface brightness and exhibits a high degree of circular symmetry. The central star 05 fep, V Combining double low line 14.3 is remarkable for its very high temperature of the order 2 × 105 K, as indicated by the strong broad O VI, He II and C IV emission lines in its spectrum and the strong [Ne v] emission in the embedding nebulosity3. Furthermore the star seems to be embedded in a resolved (∼30 arc s) source of IR emission4. These new observations emphasize the peculiar nature of A30 and its importance in studies of stellar evolution.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)463-464
Number of pages2
Issue number5765
StatePublished - 1980

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