Exploratory implementation of a blended format escape room in a large enrollment pharmacy management class

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Background and purpose: Adapting the popular entertainment activity “Escape Rooms” for educational purposes is an innovative teaching method with the potential to improve the learning experience. This implementation of an educational escape room explored the feasibility of using a blended online/offline escape room activity in a large enrollment pharmacy management course. Educational activity and setting: An educational escape room activity based on a mixture of online and paper-based clues was designed and implemented in the human resources module of a third professional year pharmacy management course with 141 students. The proof of concept was assessed via an instructor post-activity feasibility analysis and a log of estimated time for all design, development, and delivery components. The instructional objectives of creating a fun, engaging, and collaborative method of teaching were evaluated through an anonymous online student survey. Findings: The blended environment escape room was implemented successfully. Student perceptions of the activity were generally very positive. In comparison with a typical classroom experience, 91% (n = 126) of participants indicated they were more engaged in thinking about the problems and 89% (n = 123) enjoyed the escape room more. With an instructional design that addresses logistical requirements, educational escape rooms can be conducted in courses with large enrollments. Time requirements for this type of teaching method are substantial, but reasonable, if the activity is repeated in subsequent semesters. Educational escape rooms can be used to provide a more enjoyable student experience that immerses them as active participants in the learning environment.

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