Expressive Writing Intervention With Cuban-American and Puerto Rican Parents of LGBTQ Individuals

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Acceptance by parental figures is one of the most important protective factors for the mental health of LGBTQ individuals. To date, little is known about the experiences of Latinx parental figures of LGBTQ children. Thirty Latinx parental figures (19 Cuban-Americans; 11 Puerto Ricans) completed an expressive writing intervention focusing on cultural strengths and challenges that influenced their journey toward accepting their LGBTQ child. Thematic analysis revealed Latinx-specific cultural strengths and challenges, such as familismo, caballerismo, machismo, and marianismo that influenced the process toward acceptance of their child. Parental figures reported feelings of happiness, pride, peace, satisfaction and relief, as well as mixed feelings and emotions following the writing intervention. Strength-based approaches to working with Latinx parental figures of LGBTQ individuals are discussed.

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JournalCounseling Psychologist
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2020

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  • LGBTQ acceptance
  • Latinx
  • expressive writing intervention
  • parent-child relationship

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