Factors associated with the acceptance of an AIDS vaccine: An exploratory study

Richard A. Crosby, David R. Holtgrave, Lawrence Bryant, Paula M. Frew

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Background. Behavioral issues relative to acceptance of an HIV vaccine have been understudied. This exploratory study identified factors that may preclude people from accepting an AIDS vaccine when one is developed and approved for use. Methods. A cross-sectional survey of 278 adults, from different at-risk populations, was conducted. Sixteen items assessed participants' concerns about receiving an AIDS vaccine if one was approved for use. Data reduction was achieved by principal components analysis, using an oblique rotation. Reliability and construct validity of subscales were determined. Finally, logistic regression models were used to identify demographic correlates of each precluding factor. Results. A four-factor solution accounted for 59.5% of the variance. Three factors achieved satisfactory inter-item reliability: labeled as (1) personal issues, (2) product concerns, and (3) stigma-associated worry. Findings suggest that the three factors had construct validity. Each factor was associated with a unique demographic profile and two factors were associated with self-reported hepatitis B vaccination. Conclusion. Subsequent studies should use these exploratory findings (and possibly the measurement instrument) to tailor intervention programs aimed at promoting an AIDS vaccine. Because these studies will be time consuming, prudence dictates the initiation of further behavioral research before an AIDS vaccine is developed and approved.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)804-808
Number of pages5
JournalPreventive Medicine
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 2004

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This study was supported by a grant from NIAID to the second author (P30 DA12121 0351). We also are grateful to the Emory Center for AIDS Research for their support and contribution to this study.


  • AIDS
  • Intervention programs
  • Vaccine

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