Federal Theatre Project in Cincinnati, Ohio: A Case Study in Local Relevance

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Hallie Flanagan, the National Director of the Federal Theatre Project (FTP), had an ambitious goal at the heart of her mission: to create jobs for artists and present relevant theatre. Cincinnati, Ohio, was home to one of the most impactful FTP units in the country due to their deliberate and consistent application of Flanagan’s notion of relevancy. Producing thirty-four shows during their three-year existence, the Cincinnati unit played a vital role in the Federal Theatre Project, fulfilling one of the principal mandates of its program: to create locally relevant theatre across the country and expand its reach beyond traditional theatre centers like New York City. This case study illuminates the key creative, cultural, and collaborative choices made by the leaders of the Cincinnati Federal Theatre Project that fueled its artistic success, and, more importantly, captured the broad support of the community.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFederal Theatre Project (1935-1939)
Subtitle of host publicationcontexte et enjeux
EditorsÉmeline Jouvet, Géraldine Prévot
Place of PublicationParis, France
Number of pages110
ISBN (Electronic) 979-10-231-3022-5
StatePublished - Dec 22 2023


  • Cincinnati, Federal Theatre Project, Hallie Flanagan, Works Progress Administration Ohio, HMS Pinafore, Macbeth, It Can’t Happen Here


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