From Pints to Barrels: Helping Topic-Focused Students See the Bigger Picture

Beth Fuchs, Deborah Sharp, Deborah Sharp

Research output: Other contribution


Research projects have the potential to engage undergraduates in an understanding of the complexity of knowledge, but what stymies many students as they attempt to frame their research, according to Project Information Literacy's inaugural report in 2009, is an understanding of the larger context of their topics. What teaching techniques can we use to help students understand that database results don't have to be exclusively on their topics to be useful? Using cognitive science and assessment results to inform our methods, we'll share active learning activities that can assist students in gaining insight into the broader landscapes of their topics.

Participants will:

Apply a locally-developed rubric in order to broaden a narrowly defined research topic.Analyze the relationship between published research and local assessment data in order to create more effective context-based active learning activities.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - May 2 2015


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