Gifts from our elders: African arts and visionary art history

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2017

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For the first decade or so, the journal had close relationship with commercial enterprises. In addition to receiving funding from the Kress Foundation to print images in color, african arts/arts d’afrique received advertising revenue from airlines, a mining company, and the Franklin Gallery in Los Angeles. Private collections as well as exhibitions at public institutions such as the Los Angeles County Museum were reviewed. is context helps explain why Rubin wrote his influential essay “Accumulative Sculpture: Power and Display” (Rubin 1974) for the Pace Gallery in New York City before publishing it in the contemporary art journal Art Forum (Rubin 1975). It would be several years before a messy divorce would separate private galleries selling “primitive arts” (or “tribal arts”) and the academic world. is divorce was finalized as postcolonial theory pushed art historians

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