HIV infection/AIDS: a clinician's perspective.

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HIV infection and AIDS presents complex issues for all mankind. With every day that passes, 5000 more people worldwide become infected with the virus. Young people and adults alike need frank and clear information regarding how to protect themselves and others. Even though the vast majority of HIV infections are spread through sexual intercourse it is the health care provider and, in particular, the dental professional who is impacted by efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV. It is the obligation of every dentist to understand HIV infection and related HIV diseases. The dental professional should be familiar with the epidemiology of HIV, medical as well as oral manifestations of the disease, and legal and ethical considerations of this pandemic. This manuscript is intended only to be an overview of the worldwide crisis of the HIV pandemic and its impact on all of us as individuals as well as the dental profession.

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JournalThe Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 1993

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